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Borehole pumps

Our range of borehole pumps.



For your complete Borehole Pump package, please see our Self Installed Borehole Kit Section.

Borehole wells are becoming increasingly popular as a clean evironmentally friendly alternative source of water to the ever increasing costs of mains supply water for domestic commercial and industrial installations. We have a large range of borehole pumps suitable for all borehole wells.

What is a borehole?

What is a borehole?

A borehole is a well usually about 4-6" wide drilled to a depth of around 50-100m, depending on the depth of the water table at the siting of the borehole. The upper part of the well is lined with a casing to prevent the collapse of the borehole walls and surface contaminants from entering the well . It also provides a housing for the pump and the pipe that moves water to the surface. The water found in boreholes is supplied by aquifers which are underground reservoirs which have filtered through miles of porus rock they are usually totally independent from sources of surface water in lakes and rivers. Due to the filtering through many rocks the water is uncontaminated by chemical contaminants from pesticides and industrial pollution it may however need treatment to change the balance of minerals picked up from rock-strata.

How to go about getting your own private water supply...

Firstly is the site suitable for a borehole is there enough space away from possible contaminants such as cess-pits, roads and other dwellings or industries. The next stage is to obtain consent to drill from the environment agency for water abstraction. A test borehole needs to be drilled to establish water quality, the depth of the water surface and the volume of water in the well. Additionally the borehole is lined with a casing and and a pump selected and fitted possibly with water treatment if required. We offer a comprehensive service in organising the siting, drilling, pump selection/installation and water treatment of boreholes please contact us for advice.

For your complete Borehole Pump package, please see our Self Installed Borehole Kit Section.


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1,113.00 (exc. VAT at 20%)