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Single Phase

To only be used with single phase supply only.


Squirrel cage induction motor manufactured and tested to meet the latest British and international standards. High quality and rugged construction backed by a 36 month warranty make these motors ideally suitable for all industrial and mining markets.

Feet rotatable through 90' clockwise or anticlockwise to allow for reposition of terminal box. Flange mounts available.

Electric SupplySuitable for 50/60Hz supply>Frame D63-100: 220/240V and 250/280V in Delta equally suitable dor 380/415V at 50Hz and 440/480 at 60Hz in Y.
Enclosurestandard protection is to IP55 for B3 (IM1001) or B3/B5 (IM2001) mounting, with drain holes located between the motor feet , if required porous drain plugs can be fitted.
Duty RatingAll motors are continuously maximum rated type S1. All motors can operate continuously with a 10% overload if the class F temperature rise is acceptable
Ambient Standard motors are designed to operate in an ambient temperature of -20°C to 45°C
Altitude designed for operation and performance at an altitude not exceeding 1000 metres
Performanceto meet BS4999 design N performance requirements
Direction of rotationsuitable for operation in either direction of rotation
MountingAvailable in three types: Foot mounted motors without flange, Flange mounted motors and Foot mounted motors with flange.