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Self Install Kits

Pre packaged Self Install Kits with all you need for your borehole. Includes a unique Dry Run Protector to turn the pump off, when the yield recedes the pump will immediately stop,saving any damage incurring to the pump. The pump will restart agian after a twenty second delay and reaching out to 6 minutes providing the yield has recover in the borehole. Fitted with the renown world class Franklin Motor which is connected to a cotrol box with overload protection. Fitted with a 13 Amp Plug Top, ready to go.

Mathews Self Install Kits

Trade discounts available for; Drillers, Installers, and resellers, to verify this please send copy of business letterhead, card, etc through e-mail or fax.
E-mail address, sales@wjml.co.uk
Fax, 01392 413274

Trade Discount, Less 25%
Multiples of 5 and over, Less 40%

All our kits Include Pump, Motor, Controil Box, Dry Run Protector, 60m of fitted cable and 13amp plug top.

Ready to DROP IN and PLUG IN.

As water prices have increased more and more customers are installing their own water supply. This can be done with a Mathews Self Install Borehole Kit.

These kits come complete ready to plug in to a normal 13amp socket.

Unique to Mathews - Dry Run Protection
When the water recedes there is a risk of the pump running dry and failing. This can result in considerable repair costs and a loss of water supply. A very serious problem. We have eliminated this risk with our kits by including Dry Run Protection.